There May be Insurance Coverage When the Pipe Breaks outside Your House or Dwelling

When water from a broken pipe come from a water main pipe to the house that enters the house causing damage to the foundation causing it to rise, shift or subside there may be coverage under your homeowner policy. There may be damage to the floor insulation, framing and sheeting, floors, walls, and ceiling. There may be buckling in the hardwood floors and walls, kitchen cabinets and doors out of adjustment, cracks in the ceiling, and walls separating from the ceiling.

Most homeowner insurance policies provide coverage for “sudden and accidental direct physical loss to property” described as the “dwelling including attached structures.”
Most homeowner policies contain various exclusions and exceptions to the exclusions. Usually the following exclusions are identified in the policy:
a) wear and tear, aging, marring, scratching, deterioration, inherent vice, or latent defect;
b) mechanical breakdown;
c) growth of trees, shrubs, plants or lawns whether or not such growth is above or below the surface of the ground;
d) rust or other corrosion, mold, wet or dry rot;
e) contamination, including, but not limited to the presence of toxic, noxious, or hazardous gasses, chemicals, liquids, solids or other substances at the residence premises or in the air, land or water serving the residence premises;
f) smog, smoke from the manufacturing of any controlled substance, agricultural smudging[ ] and industrial operations;
g) settling; cracking; shrinking; bulging or expansion of pavements, patios, foundations, walls, floors, roofs or ceilings;
h) insects, rodents, birds or domestic animals. We do cover the breakage of glass or safety glazing materials caused by birds; or
i) seizure by government authority.

Many homeowner insurance policies provide an exception to the exclusions, causes by the sudden and accidental escape of water or steam from a plumbing, heating or air conditioning system, household appliance or fire protective sprinkler system within your dwelling, that cause direct physical damage by the water or steam.

Don’t let your insurance company deny your claim because the broken water main or sewer main is outside your house or dwelling. Call us today for your free consultation with a partner. No recovery. No Fee.

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