Wrongful Denial of Damages Caused by a Broken Water Pipe Based On the Wear and Tear Exclusion

When you have a broken water pipe or sewer pipe your insurance company is always looking to see if wear and tear caused the break.

Your policy is not a maintenance policy and will not cover the repair of the pipe. But if may cover the costs to get to the pipe for example when access is through the floor or wall. If the pipe that broke causes damage to your home or personal property you may have coverage for consequential damage caused by water escaping into the home.

In California your fire policy covering your home is an all risk policy. If the loss is not excluded by the policy it is included in coverage. Your insurance company has a duty to diligently search for and consider evidence that supports coverage of the claimed loss.

When your insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim, call today to speak to a partner. No recovery. No fee.

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