Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Provides Coverage from Losses Caused by a Broken Pipe

Your homeowner’s policy covers sudden and accidental direct physical loss to property from water. When you have a broken pipe within your dwelling that causes a sudden escape of water you should be covered.

Don’t let your insurance company deny your claim by telling you that ordinary wear and tear caused the pipe to break, or that rust contained in the pipe caused the break, or tree roots, or the ground settled caused the break to justify not paying you for your loss.

Your homeowner’s policy should cover your loss when a pipe suddenly breaks. You may be the victim of an insurance company that is not acting reasonable and has denied your claim without proper cause. You may be entitled to additional damages for emotional upset, additional living expenses while the repairs are being made, in some cases punitive damages.

We have recovered claims for many clients’ that have had their insurance claims wrongfully denied. Call today for your free consultation with a partner. No recovery. No fee.

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