California Law Requires Your Insurance Company to Provide Notice of Cancellation of Your Auto Policy.

Under California Law cancellation of auto policies require 20 days written notice to the named insured, lienholder, or additional interests; except 10 days notice is sufficient for nonpayment of premiums with notice so stating. If the 10 days notice is mailed prior to the default then the notice is ineffective.

A notice of cancellation does not have to state the amount that is owed; an error in the amount owed does not render the notice ineffective. The insurance company must state the specific reason in the notice for cancellation.

On the other hand if there is a timely offer to renew a policy and the policy is not renewed at the end of the term and the notice warns that a failure to renew terminates coverage at the end of the policy period there is no coverage after the expiration.

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